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Baseball & Softball Bytes: The Past, Present, and Future of Swift

2023 was the year we finally made the move to a new scheduling software. It was a process in the making, and something we’d been thinking about for years.

We knew we needed something different, but just like most big projects, it takes time to find the right fit (research started in January), game plan the change (action packed February through June), get prepared to launch (execute the switch to Swift), and provide as seamless of a transition as possible to our customers (persistence to clean up glitches and keep learning starting during the initial launch in late July and continuing day to day).

A few months into the transition and we’re grateful we made the change, but we’re understanding that it’s still a change our customers are getting used to. Here are a few ways Swift is different than what our customers were previously used to:

  1. One of Swift’s main value props is the user friendliness. The positive, it’s appealing to the eye. It speaks more clearly to customers. How can this be viewed negatively? It’s built to run itself and allow customers to book on their own. We understand this can feel like more work on your end, but this is helpful as no longer do you need to wait to coordinate schedules with the trainer. We understand this takes some adjusting. Be sure to keep the booking page bookmarked for easy convenience and quick access at all times!

  2. Swift provides a lot of customization. The positive, we can offer more options to our clients such as drop in classes, coupon codes, etc. We can also provide a more robust scheduling process. How can this be viewed negatively? There are so many different training products. It’s hard to keep up. There are restrictions like cancellation policies, 24 hour booking policies, etc. We understand this can feel like it takes the personalization away, but we are truly doing this out of the best interest of our trainers and your experience with us. We will continue to monitor our restrictions to assure nothing is limiting our customer experience. After all, we’re here for you! Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

What am I most excited about? We have a great relationship with Swift leadership, and Swift is a growth minded company who is truly willing to listen. Even throughout the onboarding process, Swift was making improvements to their software. Swift continues to make changes to provide a better experience for facilities and their customers, including a most recent email feature that was added. We look forward to using this feature into the future!

To those who have been patient with us through this transition, we sincerely thank you and we would love to hear your feedback on how Swift has served you! Please take this SHORT SURVEY and get entered into a drawing to win a $50 coupon to Turn 2 for any future training purchase!

PS - We've already made a few adjustments in the system from your feedback, so it's valuable and helpful for us to hear from you!

Truth be told, we’re still learning with you all. This is just as much new to us as it is to you, but we’re in this journey together. We’re in communication with Swift customer service weekly to better understand the system in and out so we can help you all. Ultimately, we know and believe Swift will be a great long-term solution for you, and we look forward to maximizing it’s efficiency over time. Again, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

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