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Eliminate in season family stress by letting us help your athlete

A few weeks into the spring season . . . how are we progressing?

Well, here's what we're hearing.

"She needs a tune up."

"He is struggling right now."

"She was feeling good at the start of the season, but she has lost some confidence."

"He wants to get back in and hit with you."

"She is struggling to hit ____ pitch."

"He needs help with ____."

"She seems to listen to you better."

This is what we're here for. We want the season to be stress free for your family. Let us dive into skill development while you enjoy spending time at the field with your son or daughter!

Looking for a positive environment for your athlete? We pride ourselves on providing a fun, encouraging place for athletes to enjoy the game while also improving their skills. A recent note we received following our March group classes, "It was fun to hear her talk about what she was working on and hear the excitement in her voice. Thank you for not only giving her goals to work on but also encouraging her."

Looking for game reps? Our training is curriculum driven. During this time of year, it is tailored to be game like, so you'll see machines, live BP, and other various tools and drills that will translate to the game.

Trying to minimize spending during season? No problem, we have structured our spring training classes to be cost affordable. Our group classes are twice the training length (more reps) but over half the cost of private lessons.

6 weeks of 1 hour per week of training = $140

6 weeks of 30 min per week lessons = $300

Our training is a proactive approach to in season development, not a reactive approach to failure. One "fix it" lesson isn't the answer. Train for longevity. Train consistently.

Good news for you, our next round of spring hitting, pitching, and defense classes begins Monday, April 3. Sign up today!

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